Monday, July 12, 2010

When life hands you tomatoes..Make Salsa!

Well summer is in full swing and all the gardens are blossoming.. well, except ours. My husband always plants a HUGE garden in the summer, but unfortunately has not had enough time this year to make that happen.
  Fortunately for us, we live in the "country."  And plenty of our neighbors have gardens of abundance and are gracious enough to share with us.  Everytime we go to church or to a neighbors house, we are handed a bag full of freshly picked vegetables.
   Last week I had lunch with one of our neighbors, and they gave me a BUNCH of tomatoes as well as many other summer veggies.  So what better to do with tomatoes than make salsa!  Yum! 

And due to my lack of blogging this summer, here are a few pictures of sweet pea and preshy poo!

Ready to go after swimming at the pool.

She thinks she's big stuff..until later when the chair folded in with her in it!

This is what happens when you give a two year old Markers!

Sisters hanging out together

How does she do that with her tongue?

How is is that Campbell screams and throws a fit when I try to put her in her car seat when its IN the car..but throw it in the kitchen, and she climbs in and buckles herself!

Summer reading!

Campbell and Daddy after feeding the catfish!

I love my presh poo!

Could these two look any more different?

Fun in the sprinkler!

Only in the South, do we monogram "pannies"

We are heading to Montgomery this weekend to see Sissy, Laney, and Aunt Lele.  We will be showering Becky Buchanan and her baby bump this weekend.  Then we will be celebrating the marriage of our cousin Laura Courson the next weekend.  It will be a busy but fun week ahead!