Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Dance!

Campbell started her very first dance/gymnastics class this month (Birthday gift thanks to Sissy.)  Her class last about 45 minutes, which is just enough time for me to get through the grocery store which happens to be right next door.  But I have found it way too entertaining watching Campbell learn her first dance moves.  She is a hoot to watch. (To me anyway :)

Poor thing, she really has trouble with the whole rolling thing..dunno where she could've gotten those skills from ;)

After she finishes her roll, she is supposed to stand right up and continue rolling..but instead she just lays there like this...

Here are a few snap shots from Campbell' Valentine party.   I did not get many because she would not look at me!  Adeline got to join us as well.
And of course, anytime there is food involved, Adeline is sure to have a good time.  She looks here as if she is ready to start school herself!

Adeline also thinks now that she is big stuff and tried to self-feed herself oatmeal.

What a mess she made!
And this was Campbell's reaction to seeing her messy sister...
Also, here are some pictures from bath time.  Boy, they make bath time so much fun these days!  Bath markers! (And I don't know if you can tell from this picture- but the bath tub wall is orange and blue- Campbell is definatelty an Auburn fan!)

So I know this ended up being a random blog, but I am trying to play catch up!  Next up, Campbell's birthday celebration!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sun'll come out tomorrow!

Seems like we have been singing this sing for several months now...
It has been a COLD winter!  And for a stay at home mom with two little ones that love to be has been a tough couple of months..Not to mention all the sickness that has passed through our home over these months- from the flu to fever viruses to the plain ole crud...We've had it all and passed it around a couple times too!

So this past weekends weather was a nice change, and we enjoyed being able to play outside for a bit.

And here was our attempt of getting a picture of ourselves.. (It was really windy!)
And I am not going to mention that I have not blogged in 2 months for various and sundry reasons..

Would you like to know what my husband got me for Valentines??
A Beautiful bouquet of flowers??
A box of delicious chocolates???
An elegant dinner out? friends...I got a stalk of asparagus for Valentines..

He told me that flowers die..but you can eat asparagus!!
Ha ha, Gotta love that man...logical and reasonable as he is. ;) 
He once got me firewood for Christmas, go figure..

Well I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines today.
I bet you can guess what we are having for part of our dinner!
But this is what I am going to attempt to make for dessert...Hope it turns out!  I found the recipe at