Saturday, August 6, 2011

From the mouth of a three-year old

This child makes me laugh everyday with her funny little sayings, and as Bill Cosbys says..Kids say the darnest things..Well I have found this to be true with my three year old.  I finally decided I needed to document these sayings so I would remember them one day and maybe to tease her about it!  So for your enjoyment as well, Here is a glimpse into the mind of a three year old...

Upon talking about moving to our new house..
Campbell says.."We can't move the house!  Can we just drive in our car????"

Upon cutting her hair off...
I ask Campbell, Why did you cut your hair???
"Because I wanted to have straight hair like Adeline and Bryson!"

After finding something that has been missing and forgotten about for months..
"Oh there's my _____!!" with such jubilation and like she had been looking for it all this time

After "crying" in her room for 5 minutes at bed time..Campbell walks into my room with a perfectly straight face (and no tears.) And says..
"Mommy, I was crying in there...."

After finding Daddy's boxers on the bathroom floor one morning..
"Oh no! Oh no! Daddy did NOT put his shorts in his basket...He left them on the floor! Oh no!  Daddy is a bad boy!"

These are just a few I had on the top of my brain..Maybe a few more will come to mind...


  1. what a funny bunny!!! and, yay, for finally blogging :)

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